A 90’s Kids Memoir


Being a 90’s kid generally isn’t much different to growing up now. I still mourn for all the trashy TV I used to watch on Nickelodeon and Fox Kids. Whatever happened to Two of a Kind? I used to watch Mary Kate and Ashley in ore whilst having raging nightmares over the “not so scary” Goosebumps series. Interesting fact actually, Sir Ryan Gosling appeared in one of the episodes “Say Cheese, or Die” Who would have thought the lame creepy guy that kills people with a camera could become the nation’s heart throb?


So back to now; 2013… one of the biggest fashion trends this year has been the “90’s”. As they say “Time waits for no man” and it certainly doesn’t. I’m 23 and doing my first ever blog, reminiscing about the baggy mum jeans, oversized chequered shirts and the leather jackets. Just the whole punk/grunge era. I’m loving this trend!

Just a thought; trainers with flashing lights how awesome where they?

So many movies inspire me for the 90’s look; take “Before Sunrise” for example; a great movie (however some may disagree) but I stand firm when I say this is one of the greatest movie’s I have ever seen! Both characters rock the leather and rucksack look; although they make it seem so effortless I can’t help but being drawn to them and their style.


The 90’s was certainly a defining year…and I will always carry a little bit of the 90’s with me whether it be in a denim jacket or a pair of glitter jelly’s!


A vintage find

Whilst browsing vigorously online, I spotted this unique vintage box bag featured on the fabulous virtual treasure trove; ASOS Marketplace. Of course panic set in, I had to buy it before someone else snapped it up!

Vintage Box Bag

It’s essentially a miniature brief case, and yes I do feel important wearing it! I absolutely adore the polka dot lining inside, it adds perfectly to its cuteness!

How to kick start your fashion career

Wanting to get into the fashion industry, but have no idea how you’re going to get there?  Check out these easy steps that could give you the head start you need!

fashion intern

Firstly, you need to think about the type of career you want in fashion

Do you want to become a stylist, a designer or a fashion journalist? Possibly a buyer or merchandiser? Or is retail your scene? Do you perhaps want to become an editor?

Work experience

Employers want experience so show them! Impress them with internships you have undertaken and committed yourself to. Start by researching about different companies you might want to pursue a career with. This could be anything from head office placements to working in-store. Working in head office is exciting; you could end up assisting the marketing team for your favourite high street or luxury brand.

In-store experience is great way to get your foot in the door, so why not shadow a personal shopper in Debenhams or help merchandise the latest trend in Topshop? All these little factors will look amazing on your CV. Once you’ve established a company that you like the look of, send over your CV along with a cover letter introducing yourself.

Stand out from the crowd

If you’re a creative fashion designer and bursting with new ideas, show off your talents and passions through a portfolio. Employers are always keen to look at new designs, so make sure your portfolio stands out! If you’re a passionate fashion writer, create a blog! You can then wow your employees with your dedication, hard work and fashion awareness.


Studying a fashion related course is always going to be a bonus, especially as most of them offer work placements as part of the course. This could be ideal for you if you’re a school leaver or even looking to further your education. Don’t panic if you don’t have the time to study, instead of taking a full time course why not undergo a short course! 

The Fashion Retail Academy

The academy is great to develop skills and experience, training people aged 16 plus. There are so many courses to choose from, so check out their website!


London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion is an ideal place to study. It’s a “leading global provider of fashion, education research and consultancy”.

Check out there website for an excellent variety of courses.


 There are many more course’s worldwide, so please look into a college near you and see what they can offer!

Hints & Tips

  • Get your head stuck in a Vogue magazine and keep up to date with the latest trends
  • If an employer doesn’t email you back, call them! It’s never a bad thing to look keen!
  • Be yourself, you can’t beat that. If you want it badly and work hard you’ll achieve your goals.

Good luck in your search for a career in fashion and follow your dreams!

 If you are a fashion designer or a student studying fashion Shabby Sheep want to hear from you!


I luckily got the chance to feature my blog on Shappy Sheeps website! 


The Flapper Girl


The roaring 20’s certainly did unleash the flapper in the women. (A flapper was a term used in the 1920’s that described a particular group of women who acted and dressed in ways that were deemed inappropriate)  So compared to today I’m guessing they could be classed as a “hipster” edging away from mainstream culture

Marie Prevost portrayed a flapper in some of films she stared in during the 1920s.

Marie Prevost portrayed a flapper in some of films she stared in during the 1920s.

These women must have felt such rebellion and although the fashion in my eyes looks so elegant and innocent I also get a sense of youth fun, and great culture. These women could finally break the mould! They could shine through their fashion, smoke till their hearts content (with amazingly cool cigarette holders) move freely and listen to jazz all night long. Gosh these women just wanted to have fun!

If only I was born in the 1920s I think I would have been there with the flappers!

I absolutely adore the pearls, brooches, the sequins which covered the dresses, the cloche hats, the short hair, the wrapped coats and the Mary Jane shoes!